Report from PhD researcher Sonja Faestch on SETAC 2019

19-05-29 SETAC 2019 HAW Hamburg.JPG

Sonja (above, left) is a researcher at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences and in this post she reflects on her experience at this year’s SETAC conference:

This year’s SETAC Europe Conference was held at the Helsinki Convention Centre, ‘Messekeskus’, from Sunday 26 May to Thursday 30 May. The theme was ‘One Environment. One Health. Sustainable Societies’. There was a full programme of platform and poster presentations over four days. It provided many new impulses and incentives on topics relevant for my research activities within the Sullied Sediments project and my PhD.

I had the chance to present and discuss my poster on endocrine disruptors in the auqatic environment with the international ecotoxicological community. On Sunday I attended the SETAC Training Course, ‘The Endocrine System: Presenting Global Perspectives on Testing Methods and Evaluation of Endocrine Activity’. Also from the Sullied Sediments project, Susanne Heise (Hamburg), Hanne Hetjens (University of Antwerp) and Sebastian Hoess (Ecossa) attended the conference and we used the opportunity to sit together and update each other on our research findings and challenges.

We also took time to discover the city and its lively vibe so close to midsummer when it never gets dark completely. We visited the maritime fortress of Soumenlinna, a UNESCO world heritage site just outside Helsinki, which evidences the changing ownerships of Finland over the past centuries. We also took the opportunity to experience the national passion of singing Karaoke at a truly genuine Karaoke bar downtown and enjoyed the breathtaking view over the city from the roof terrace at Hotel Torni.

— Sonja Faetsch